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WETLANDS & STREAMS Services Provided by MMI


MMI provides jurisdictional wetland and stream delineations in compliance with Section 404/1 of the Clean Water Act and all applicable state laws. MMI has substantial experience with current delineation methodology. We work with clients to assess the presence and extant of any jurisdictional areas. MMI has completed thousands of wetland and stream delineations from Texas to New York. Let MMI evaluate the presence/absence of jurisdictional aquatic areas on your property for FREE.


MMI provides a full suite of state and federal permitting services. if your project will impact any jurisdictional aquatic areas you may need a permit.

Functional Assessments:

MMI provides any necessary functional assessments for streams and wetlands during the permitting process. MMI is familiar with WET, WETII, HEP, IVA, HGM, NCWAM/NCSAM and other assessments.


MMI provides wetland and stream restoration site evaluation, feasibility, conceptual design and final restoration plans.


If your state regulates buffers to jurisdictional areas such as North Carolina and New Jersey, MMI can delineate and permit impacts to these areas as well.

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