Mogensen Mitigation, Incorporated
Mogensen Mitigation, Incorporated
Migitation Banking and Related Services by Mogensen Mitigation, Inc.
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Threatened & Endangered


THREATENED & ENDANGERED SPECIES Services Provided by Mogensen Mitigation

Listed Species Assessments and Field Surveys:

MMI conducts threatened and endangered species habitat surveys such as the Red-Cockaded woodpecker, piping plover, Sweinitz’s Sunflower, whorled pagonia, freshwater mussels, Indiana bat etc.

Section 7 & 10 Consultations:

MMI will coordinate with the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Agency, National Marine Fisheries and other state agencies responsible for protecting rare, threatened or endangered species. MMI will conduct habitat suitability studies and prepare clearance letters for development projects.

Biological Opinion Reports

MMI can prepare Biological Opinion Reports for incidental takings and relocation permits.

Conservation Banking & HCP’s:

MMI can assist with establishing conservation banks for listed species and setting up Habitat Conservation Plans for landowners.

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